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Aus Finnland x Reeperbahn Festival 2016

After being the the first focus country in the history of Reeperbahn Festival last year, Finland will have a strong presence at Reeperbahn Festival 2016 as well. From September 21-24 Finnish music and food take over Hamburg again. Take a closer look at the Finnish line-up and events below.

Finnish artists at Reeperbahn Festival 2016


Fr, 23.9.2016, 23:00, Moondoo
Sa, 24.9.2016, 15:00, Sommersalon

Five reasons to fall in love with Alma: mad style, sassy attitude, innovative lyrics, cutting-edge hooks and a voice you simply won’t forget. Alma is truly special – the polar opposite of a plastic pop princess. She’s an edgy, shameless singer-songwriter, who aims for authenticity in everything she does. Her urban tunes are filled with interesting contrasts: they are sharp, yet vulnerable and approachable, yet cool. 

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

Fr, 23.9.2016, 22:50, Moltow Karatekeller
Sa, 24.9.2016, 17:30, Sommersalon

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is a strange bird in the Finnish rock scene not only because of its long name, but also because of its line-up. Instead of guitars, melodies and distorted sound walls are created by good old Casio and Eco-organs. Packed with 60's girl group and soul melodies, bubble gum punk riffs and pounding drums, which will make your eardrums bleed, this newcomer is truly something to get to know.


Sa, 24.9.2016, 20:00, Molotow

Hexvessel invokes a vision of a bunch of Northern heathens coming to live in Laurel Canyon in the late 1960’s. Sonically, it’s more the other way around; Joni Mitchell and The Doors set free in the Finnish wilderness. They rock but never roll – balancing the simple folk tune with psychedelic drive. Stirred together, this makes for one truly unique brew of timeless storytelling and song craft.

New Deadline

Sa, 24.9.2016, 15:50, Sommersalon
So,25.9.2016, 0:00, Molotow Karatekeller

New Deadline’s punk rock is a blend of Nordic melancholy and positive aggression. Their debut album Remember was released in 2015. The single Rodeo was on heavy rotation at Finland’s national radio station Ylex. Since then, New Deadline has internationally supported major rock acts such as All Time Low, Funeral For A Friend and Rise Against. New Deadline is currently working on their second album.


Sa, 24.9.2016, 20:00, Kukuun

Phantom is the fruit of love of two artists, singer and songwriter Hanna Toivonen and producer Tommi Koskinen. The duo's sound is a mixture of alternative pop, melancholy electronica and trip-hop. For live shows Phantom beefs up the experience with the use of real time visual projections and the mysterious midi-instrument UFO (Ultrasonic Frequency Oscillator). Phantom’s debut album MMXII will be released internationally in early 2017.

Teksti-TV 666

Sa, 24.9.2016, 16:40, Sommersalon
Sa, 24.9.2016, 22:50, Molotow Karatekeller
Is there such a thing as too many guitarists in a band? Finland's Teksti-TV 666 think not. Armed with no less than five electric guitars, the shoegazing kraut-punk monster is one of the most in-demand live acts in their native Finland. Teksti-TV 666 is built on contradictions: it sounds as if Neu! performed Ramones songs, or a shoegazing Hellacopters. It’s a heavy but soft wall of noise, a colorful slow motion explosion.


Fr, 23.9.2016, 15:00, N-Joy Reeperbus
Fr, 23.9.2016, 23:00, Molotow Skybar
Sa, 24.9.2016, 21:30, Molotow Karatekeller 

View is a 24-year-old Finnish rapper from Helsinki, Finland, who works with producer Joonas Laaksoharju. View’s honest and introspective lyrics along with his hypnotic and mystical sound and charismatic voice has been noticed by the media in Finland and abroad. Following his 2015 EP Avalon and 2016 single Coldest Season, View's debut album will be released early 2017 through Cargo Records Germany. 

Aus Finnland events

Aus Finnland Reception and showcase

On Saturday, September 24 Music Finland hosts the Aus Finnland Reception (14:00-15:00, invitation only) at Sommersalon, followed by the Aus Finnland showcase with Alma (showtime 15:00), New Deadline (showtime 15:50), Teksti-TV 666 (showtime 16:40) and Have You Evern Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? (showtime 17:30).

Aus Finnland Food Garden

Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg Spielbudenplatz, September 21-24, 2016

To showcase the diverse street food scene of Helsinki, Music Finland and Visit Finland bring a piece of Helsinki to Hamburg. The Aus Finnland Food Garden consists of the three Finnish food trucks Street Gastro, Social Food and Thai Papaya, music and events happening throughout the festival days. Enjoy a piece of Helsinki at Reeperbahn Festival! 

Social Food - Burgers with big heart 

After taking first place in the Finnish Masterchef competition, Pikkis Tuominen decided to get himself a truck and spread the burger love around town. Famous for their robust fare and prime ingredients, Social Food have attracted a cult following among street foodies in Helsinki, offering everything from hearty burger brunches consisting of four different sliders (including one with whipped cream!), as well as premiering a vegan burger featuring Finland’s newest and most delicious export - Pulled Oats. 

Thai Papaya - Home-cooking is the best cooking

When it comes to the best Thai street food, there’s no question who takes home the prize. Lennu and Lotta run a family enterprise that delivers authentic Thai street food bursting with flavor, color and spice. Their pad thai, curries and banana pancakes have warmed the hearts and palates of Helsinkians year in and year out. And the best thing is that while they cater to those who go for mellower flavors, if you like your food spicy, you’ll get what you asked for. And be back for more. 

The Alexanders - It's all in the family

The Alexanders is a mobster-themed truck operated by the smoothest and kindest famiglia in the Helsinki food scene. The father and sons outfit has traveled the world, eventually staying to call Helsinki home, deck out a truck and whip up street food delicacies from practically any part of the world. Whether they’re serving you burgers, gyros or grilled calamari, you’ll never regret running into this particular Family.